The Table

The Table gathers at 11 AM on Sunday Mornings in the Lounge at First Lutheran Church in Downtown Fullerton California.

The Table is a Christian faith community marked by meaningful conversation, radical inclusivity, and community engagement. We are a “Reconciling in Christ” congregation that welcomes and affirms, and is doing ministry with members of the LGBTQ community.  We are a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Worship at The Table

Sundays at11:00 AM

The Table meets in the Lounge at First Lutheran Church

215 N. Lemon Street in Downtown Fullerton California.

Pacifica Synod Chapel in Santa Ana 

The first thing that you will notice on Sundays at The Table is that we actually gather around tables!  In some ways it’s like sitting around the kitchen table with your family and friends. 

We believe that Christ is powerfully present, that God’s Word becomes alive, in our interaction with each other.  We gather around tables, in circles, in order to be more fully present with each other, to share our stories and our faith experiences, to be active listeners, to be community, to flesh out the Living Word of God among us.  We don’t sit in pews and listen, we gather in dynamic circles and participate in a holy conversation!

Our worship is grounded in the ancient worship practices of the church expressed in fresh, new, and creative ways.  We gather as the beloved of God; we listen to the holy scriptures and seek God’s Living Word in thoughtful conversation; we celebrate God’s presence in bread and wine; and we share in a peace that both comforts us and challenges us, a peace that sends us out into the world called to share our gifts and talents in order to make a difference, to be part of the Lord’s Prayer, “thy kingdom come, thy will be done.”

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All are welcome at “The Table,” to the feast that is God’s grace and love! 


Sunday Worship begins at 11 AM, but come early for coffee and fellowship beginning at 10:30.  The Table meets in the lounge at First Lutheran Church, 215 N. Lemon St. in Downtown Fullerton California.  The Lounge is located in the building known as the "Church House," right next to the parking lot located behind the main church building.